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Name: S3ssav.dll
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S3ssav.dll Error?  
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S3ssav.dll file description

S3ssav.dll is a Windows file designed for Windows operating system that helps executing dll files and locate their libraries into windows system's memory. It is shard by lots of applications and Windows functions, so it is important to keep this file process intact to avoid S3ssav.dll error and problems that caused by this error.

Consequences of getting S3ssav.dll error

  • System runs deadly slow while you run application that required this file
  • You received S3ssav.dll error that stop you from using certain application properly
  • Slow system respond time
  • Computer freeze or crash randomly

S3ssav.dll error solution?

1. Scan for virus

By default, S3ssav.dll is located in the system directory: C:\windows\system32. If it is found on other directory other than the one we mentioned before, or you see multiple copy of the file show up in your system, there is possibility that your computer is suffering from malware attack, the S3ssav.dll file may damaged by the malware and deliver you the S3ssav.dll error, the most commonly known malware that could destroy or disguise S3ssav.dll including Miroot. Win32. Worm. Backdoor.Lastdoor. and Trojan. For situation like that, it is suggested to run a full virus scan on your system with antivirus program.

Copy and paste S3ssav.dll to the required directory

If the S3ssav.dll file was mistakenly removed to other place, you can use the search feature of Windows to locate the file and then copy & paste it back to the folder of C:\WINDOWS\system32.

If S3ssav.dll is missing from your system, you can get a fresh copy from another computer with the same version of Windows operating system as yours. You can also download the file from the internet and register it by yourselves in the system, however, since downloading from unknown website is kind of dangerous as the file may contain virus or is not suitable for your particular system, this method is not the one we recommend.

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